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About Deaf Rugby Australia

Established since 1998, Deaf Rugby Australia aim to unite, play and inspire. Deaf Rugby Australia is an inclusive organisation supporting the Rugby of Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing impaired communities. Rugby is a team sport that delivers significant social and health benefits. It can also be physically demanding and players have to be both physically and mentally prepared to be able to play safely. If you're interested in getting involved, we invite you to come and join us. Just send a message through to us and we will be in touch soon!

Upcoming events

Local event 2020

Any local events in the future will be updated here.

World Deaf Rugby 2021

Argentina is proposing to host the next World Deaf Rugby 7s Tournament in Cordoba, Argentina.

Sponsor us

We are a non-profit organisation and we rely heavily on fundraising and donations to help assist with gears, logistics, accommodation and other necessities. If you are interested in becoming a supporter/sponsor of Deaf Rugby Australia, please feel free to get in touch with us. Your brand/logo will be published at the bottom of this website to show our appreciation for your support.

Quick overview of Deaf Rugby Australia